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Our Team

Corporate Values Statement
Reflecting our desire to be a good corporate citizen, Platinum Healthcare Staffing has adopted the following “Company Philosophy”:

We will, as a company and as individuals, take responsibility for our actions;

We will, as a company and as individuals, deal fairly and honestly with our clients, contractors, the public and each other;

When making decisions, we will, as a company and as individuals, consider the impact of our decisions on others and on the environment;

We will consistently try to maintain the highest level of professionalism to clients, contractors and employees;

We recognize that without profits, our company can not survive, so we will make our best efforts to increase the profitability of our company within an ethical and honest framework;

We will give back to our community and society and make a positive commitment to its health and well-being;

We will respect our co-workers and recognize their needs as employees and as human beings;

We will listen to each other.