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There are certain types of people in this world that just make a difference in our lives…Here at Platinum Healthcare Staffing we know that there are a lot of warm, compassionate, dedicated nurses in our community who go above and beyond to touch and save lives everyday.

“Platinum Healthcare Staffing has brought about not only a great source of income but friendship and loyalty. I think it is very important when working for a staffing agency to know that you’re not just a number. It is also very pleasing to know that Platinum HealthCare is readily available when needed. The girls in the office work very hard to locate work for their nurses. They do not give up. We know that they always try their best. The most important reason why I feel Platinum HealthCare is the best is due to their excellent communication. Thank you Platinum HealthCare for all that you have done for me.” Anonymous, RN

“Platinum Healthcare Staffing is the greatest ever. I have never in my life worked for a company where everyone is so nice, caring, understanding, and most of all so appreciative of the work that the employees do. I feel that the best kind of company shows sincerity & understanding. Platinum is the only company that I’ve come across that shows those two great qualities.” Melissa Boudreaux, LPN

"I have worked as an agency nurse for 7 years with many different staffing agencies. Platinum Healthcare Staffing provides me with the shifts that I want. Not only does the office staff provide a quality working environment at a large variety of facilities, but they also add a personal touch like no other." Anonymous, LPN

"Platinum Healthcare Staffing is by far the best agency that I have ever worked for. The staff is friendly, reliable, and a pleasure to work with. Platinum’s staff is loyal to me, so therefore I am loyal to them."
Syvina Sonnier, LPN

"Platinum Healthcare Staffing is a wonderful agency to work for. They give me great assignments with the freedom to make my own schedule. The pay is great too."
Kory Pitre, RN